Agency services for sports and fashion


The meticulous tracking down of new, innovative brands and products with high potential for success is our expertise. We recognize trends before the industry does. Therefore, we support companies, start-ups and projects that pick up these trends and make them available to the market.


We position young as well as established brands in the most competent specialized trade and advise in the sensitive initial placement. In our network of valuable contacts and partners, we create the perfect network for our brands to present themselves ideally.


As a partner, we actively support our brands in all marketing activities. From classic branding to digital e-commerce strategies. Together with our trade partners, we take the path through all phases of marketing development.

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This is the philosophy we still represent today. Especially in the current IT-driven era, which is characterized by fast moving trends, it is more important than ever.

Product images and successful sales live from innovation and desire. We sift out for you at an early stage and present the brand and concept "ready for sale" - for more than 3 decades.

Service-oriented, long-term, sustainable and above all - successful.

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