Project Description

Natural World

Natural World is a young brand with a great family tradition. It was founded to produce a 100% ecological shoe. The essence of the brand is the love of nature. We want to guarantee a better world for our children, so we invest in the present to ensure their future.

The founders of Natural World are dedicated to the production of footwear for more than four decades. The blend of tradition & technology unites all of our high quality products.

The result is an ecological shoe that is 100% made in Spain and contains 100% organic raw materials such as organic cotton or natural rubber.

All our shoes follow an environmentally friendly production process that is 100 years old - the "vulcanization system". This was established to produce a 100% ecological shoe. Moreover, the process respects the environment and, together with the latest technological advances, is the key to Natural World's success.

A brand of the Frotscher agency