Project Description

The HOFF Brand

In 2020, the HOFF collection bridges the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion, building a collection that consists of a variety of unique and contemporary designs.

We bring our passion and inspiration to a range of styles inspired by great places and cultures around the world.

The collection has been expanded by redesigning our core City, District and Avenue shapes with new, unexpected color and material combinations. At the same time, two new silhouettes were introduced: Art and River.

We explore innovative materials such as translucent technical pieces, animal prints or velvet, and play with contrasts of fluorine colors and subtle tones.

Each of our shoes has something to tell. Through the soles and their unique designs, we make each pair special. The same happens with our protagonists of our #hoffstories. People who have something to say and teach. Stories about effort, passion and always staying true to themselves. HOFF want to help them tell their story. We want to give the new generation of unstoppable, dreamy and courageous women a voice that will help them on their way.

A brand of the Frotscher agency